Gardaland Park TV set

Just acted a small role in the Gardaland TV spot 2016 for Gardaland Park. It’s been a good day and the british/italian staff was very nice with all of us, even if they looked a bit unsure about my “good daddy” dresses until they decided to change my shirt. I just acted the typical and modern “lovely husband” that every girl would dream to have at home… disgusting! 😀 😉

Apart from that, once I’ve watched the spot on TV I’ve been a bit disappointed by the CG technique they used and also about the image quality of the portion of the video where I’m in. The lady to the left of the screen, “my wife”, was very sexy but, in this image as you can see she doesn’t look pretty nice. She had a bit of experience in the show business and together we have just performed this short footage professionally.

Gardaland Park: the italian Disney World?

Gardaland Park still remains a dreamed and funny place for all italian babies even if it doesn’t seem to be a competitor for other parks. Watching the way they promote new attractions i think they dont want to get bigger than they actually are.

Anyway, I know all the next steps of my career must be considerable, but it’s been cool to be part of this Gardaland Park TV spot for few good reasons, especially because I love to take a look at how other productions work.

Thank you very much to the Staff!

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