I am Khappa MJ and this is the K-Storm-Studio

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All about the K-Storm-Studio games and videos plus my music, our new K-Magazine, my passion, my dreams ... my Life!

My pleasure to have you here!

Hi I'm Khappa MJ, founder of the K-Storm-Studio

Musician, filmmaker, performer, entrepreneur, digital artist, founder of K-Storm-Studio and a tireless creative force with an ongoing and limitless power for the entire artistic and creative process.

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We don't care about how does the world goes, we only believe in our freedom, in our creativity and madness, in everything that can make our life better. We do all we do for pure passion and we only want to do this until our eyes will be closed forever and we will be atoms in the universe back again!

We just want to make our dreams!

We are K-Storm-Studio
Music Videos
Music Videos

Watch Sexualizing, the Latest Music Video by Khappa MJ

Khappa MJ at K-Storm-Studio

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Flashback is the most awarded video by Khappa MJ


Since I've decided to turn my face to the Madness


Looking for something but I don't know what, just like a stranger in a city of dark souls, so lonely...

I'm working to the new webstore, a place where you can find all my artworks, my music and all products from K-Storm-Studio. Stay tuned!

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