78% DONE! The platform is improving for a better perfomance and a better interactivity between my contents and you, giving you a better experience and a more funny, modern and entertaining website. Thank you so much for your patience.

  • Realtime air fluid login implemented
  • Social Network Wallstars is now rich of new functionalities
  • The entire platform is now faster
  • Video page engine works at 80%
  • The K-Shop is now working but it needs customization
  • Blog Engine is now redesigned
  • Home page is under re-designing

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My music, my videos, my films, my passion, my community, my life

The website born in the 2006 as a simple personal webpage. In the 2014 the entire website became a dedicated blog with many pages concerning my artistic activity, my videos and my contents but I was not satisfied yet about it. In 2016 I decided to make my website available for everyone and not only for me. The social community is now born and everybody are welcome to share their stories, pictures, videos and what everyone feels to be more passionate about. Feel you free to be part of this community. Sign In now.


I've started in the making computer graphic images and arts when I was very young using my 486 pc, playing and making music with my band and then evolving until my music videos and my first feature script and now this is my life.

I love taking the impulse of a vision to reality

Sexualizing music video youtube thumnail
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Watch the latest music videos and new video music song that I produced. You can get more just visiting the video page here in my website.

Looking for something but I don't know what, just like a stranger in a city of dark souls, so lonely...

JUST ...

If you really love to do something you love you keep doing that forever as the natural consequence of your life.

"I'm still standing after all and I am still here, like years ago when all it's begun!"