Fire of Darkness - Dahal castle

3D CGI VFX Breakdown – Fire of Darkness film.

An amazing and very impressive 3D CGI VFX Breakdown video and image gallery from the Fire of Darkness film is now published here like a portfolio 2017. A good stock of high quality pictures showing some of the natural and fantasy environments designed for this film. In the making Fire of Darkness fantasy story it was essential to create some nice artificial fantasy landscapes and buildings.

A new image gallery from Fire of Darkness film

CGI VFX breakdown video

In the 5 minutes long video below (a vfx breakdown reel) you can discover a portion of the revealing CGI & VFX and 3D animations created for the film Fire of Darkness . This video is composed in 3 different parts. First portion it is showing some CG environments outdoor and indoor. In the second part you can take a look at some of techniques used in the making of the Dark Legion’s Titan, an animated and very high detailed 3D character. And in third part you can discover many of the composition tecniques used to integrate real actors and elements with 3D environments. Most of the interiors and exterios environments of Fire of Darkness have been artificially created.

Feel you free to let us know if you like the work we have produced for this film just leaving a comment below.

Background Music

I will never forget that i am a musician first. The background song that you can listen in the video above it has been also composed and arranged by me in the K-Storm studio and it will be published in the upcoming new album once performed and mastered. I would be so glad if you could stay tuned for my new next works and projects and dont forget to join my web community here for commenting and get in touch with me and new amazing people.

Thank you very much for reading as always

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