Behind the scenes of Sexualizing: the new music video production by Khappa MJ

An amazing, funny and short video produced by Khappa MJ that shows what’s happened behind the scenes of “Sexualizing” music video. In this new shot linked below from the official Khappa MJ youtube channel you can sniff for a while how is the mood in the production of the upcoming music video by KMJ.

Sexualizing is the end and a new beginning at the same time for Khappa MJ. This because he probably wants to stop to produce contents in Italy. Khappa is looking for a serious label contract or promotion that can boost his career to the next level. The actual contract is not enough for him. And what about his productions? For sure his all is productions are raising.

A very impressive cinematic post-production.

Khappa MJ is working very hard in giving a cinematic mood to all his new creations. KMJ is not just a musician. He really loves video contents. In case of his new music video he wanna imprint the peoples a special mood and a music video has to looks like a small portion of film.

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