Britain decides to leave!

Britain leaves Europe! I have learnt a big part of my knowledge at London, UK and also part of my artistic business is based in UK. I can’t believe what’s happened today when a bit more of the 51% of the british cityzens chosen to leave the economic european community.

Despite many advices have been shouted out, as always the narrow-mind people have damaged our society with their fear and xenophobia. Now the results of this decision are dramatic for the entire world wide economy but especially for the economy in Britain.

Right now the british currency power has cracked down like we have never seen before. The government must redraw all relations with Europe. UK is officially a foreign country. Citizens will spend more money daily for grocery shopping and it will be harder to open a new business in UK.
There will be a huge backlash from Europe, but as the economists said, many consequences will touch other countries world wide.
Personally I feel sad, worry and disappointed by how many persons do not understand that together is better than alone.


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