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Free content vs paid content. What’s best?

Free content vs paid content! What’s best? Nice question, well… I love to produce modern graphic material in opposition to the 3D material I used for video and film productions cause even if this material is not for technical purpose, it is awesome branded content. I’ve always dreamed to have …

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K-Webzine, When a blog turns to a magazine

After few months I was unfortunately unable to write in my website and this just because I’ve been insanily busy. But now I can finally keep working for my blog. My blog yes and actually looks more like a webzine or magazine and I feel so energized cause that was …

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Wallstars Social Media Platform Helpbook November 2017

The Social Media Platform help book for WallStars

WallStars: the Social Media Platform for popular people As you can see www.khappa.com website is not just a showcase for all new projects or products and activities that I want to publish up. This is also a social media platform where you can easily interact with all other members like every other …

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Happy birthday Internet!

The first message: Earth calling Earth Happy birthday internet! 30 years ago from Pisa, a small town in center Italy, a crew of researcher sent theirfirst internet message to their colleagues at Roaring Creek, Pennsylvania. In the 29 April 1986, exactly 3 days later the Chernobyl disaster a new horizon was opened for …

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