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The new single will be releasing soon. This year is flying away and Khappa MJ has to pin up the list of things to do for next year.

How many years has gone since the time I was playing electro rock? Furthermore I see I should do that also for my next music albums.


A mix with different style can brings a big flavour​.

A combination of electronic music with a taste of rocky sound! This is for KMJ an amazing new shape of sound. He said very often that he basically love all shades of sound that can impress to the music many sexy excitements and this just using any type of electronic instrument or computer plugin. But Khappa MJ has also loved many melody lines or grooves heard in the rock music. Mixing these styles is hard, but the final vibe sounds insane as exciting. All fans of the rock music may get crabby reading our previous crappy paragraph above. So please let us explain where the idea of this sound comes from.


The new single releases soon. Going back to the roots?

When Khappa Mj was just a teenager he got a lot of experience with hard sound styles just playing with his first band. From rock music to heavy metal with a strong industrial sound. From black metal to the punk rock and hard core. Khappa is a real fan of all types of music, but he still love some of them more than each others and he found again some cues that can inspiring himself for the next album. This is the good time to come across this sound style again just giving a taste of rock to some of his new songs.

Guitars for a POP song.

Because we think and we know the music of KMJ is not EDM! Basically, he is not in a rock band anymore as he has been in when we was teen so his music will never sound 100% like rock music. In the new single releases soon, he just decided to use a kind of solo guitar in the making a fantastic and very catchy riff that for sure will be played as well by many many other guitar players… even young guitar players.

Of course come to visit this blog and the video page often to stay updated.

Why KMJ doesn’t consider himself an EDM producer.

The potential sound coming from the modern EDM is amazing but where is the strong and catchy refrain? Where is the deep feeling that we can listen in case of pop/rock music? What is the tune we can whistle walking on the street? This is the main reason why Khappa MJ has never considered himself an EDM music producer.

Against the music industry? No problem!

So, I absolutely love every combination of more different styles. I dont care what music labels saying: “you must belong to a specific music type”. What? I am not a puppet! For my point of view label managers have to change their job into car washers and music labels have to estabilish a good italian bakery. I do what I believe in, I can’t eat meat if I am veggie.

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