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Why am I talking about Unreal Engine? Ok, first let me jump back in the far 1994 when something happened in my life.

I was a little teen when I just came across a small but fascinating software called:Povray. Povray (Persistence of Vision Raytracer) is a free 3D engine + editor for creating and animating 3D scenes. The most interesting aspect of that software was the raytracing render engine. Povray is able to create realistic aspects in a scene such as lights, advanced reflections and glass material.

Few months later a friend of mine gave me the release 4 of 3DStudio Dos with the new inverse kinematic functions. It was a must for every aspiring artists because 3DS4 was amazingly flexible for creating 3D scenes in the 1994.

My jump into the 3D universe and into the footages creation was done!

How many things happened later. How many renderings, how many stories, music videos, collaborations and my new way to be an artist even with the 3D computer graphic and maybe the new way until Unreal Engine.

Well, I have installed UE4 (Unreal Engine) in one of my computers on 01 January 2018 after celebrations. It is insane right? Well, the only bad thing is that I am not using it now cause I have to rebuild the studio and get a new powerful computer!

UE4 was basically the 3D graphic engine of the Unreal game in the 1998. Since the beginning was a very powerful and flexible realtime graphic engine and the game players around the World got fascinating by this new product. Today Unreal Engine is more than a game engine. It is a revolutionary fully featured software for both game and film making.

I have been thinking about UE4 as a sophysticated tool for game developing. They introduces raytracing, global illuminations and the new Unreal Studio. So basically UE4 is actually the evolution of the CG even for advanced animation purposes.

Nothing to say. 3DS Max still remain my favourite modeling platform but Unreal Engine can be a significative tool in the film making process. I love the sophisticated toolset provided and the ability to interact with my scenes as in real life!

Definitely, a pure dream started for me in the 1994 and came true!

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