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What is Fire of Darkness movie.

Fire of Darkness movie is a fantasy/drama novel built around a classic fantasy world. Born for a dream of Khappa MJ and his crew, this is his first film and as he recently said, the final destination of a long trip and the beginning of a new one.


A loA long time ago a good prince named Drakam Dahal refound all the Realms in the Lands, creating new laws and estabilishing peace between them. But unfortunately soon, once he got the power of the highest throne, his mutable and unstable human nature has terribly turned him to the worst side of the darkness. Dahal declared himself as a Lord of all Realms until he became prey of the same monsters that he has tried to defeat. Wrath, pride, rage were now the new faces of his soul, until the peoples around him have decided to exile him far away to the eastern High Mountains. Exhausted, lonely, forced to burn in the desert of his inner rage he met the Source of the Ancient Evil.

Three centuries later a tremendous and obscure power is still overdriving the ancient lands, the Lords of the Realms decide to secretely meet up. They get to know what is happening and they realized that something bigger than all of them has been now unleashed .


Cast and Crew

Annamaria Zaccaria, Mattia Compri, Andrea Venco, Sergio Campagnari, Alice Mistura, Umberto Panarotto, Francesco Scola Gagliardi, Graziella Panarotto, Alessandra Marognoli, Jori Delli, Khappa MJ, Antongiulia Mollo, Stefano Campostrini, Matteo Ierimonte, Federica Di Legge, Alberto Zorza, Mario Andreoli, Fabio Scalvini, Leonardo Andreoli, Antonio Brescia.

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