Fixed VS Growth Mindset

 QuestionFixed MindsetGrowth Mindset
Intelligence is:Immutable; given by genetics, chance or God.Mutable and it can be developed, improved and expanded.
Talent:Wants to prove his talent.Wants to improve his talent.
Life is:A test where we have to prove ourselves, a mystic road.A journey fill of opportunities where we have to improve ourselves.
Obstacles:Gives up in the face of those obstacles.Persists in overcoming obstacles.
The primary concern is:Managing other’s impressions, try to survive.Exploring one’s own curiosity.
Failure:Demonstrates a lack of ability, unworthiness.Presents an opportunity for feedback.
Challenge:Generates fear. Avoid challenges for fear of failure.Creates excitement, eagerness for learning. Always engages challenge.
Effort:It shouldn’t be needed. It avoids the hard work.It is the key to improving ourselves. It sees labor as the path to success.
Critisism:Treats critisism as an attack.Treats critisism as an opportunity.
Other’s success:Diminishes, exposes, or shames. Feels threatened by other’s success.Lifts up, offers a chance to learn and grow for greatness. Feels inspired by other’s success.
 The end result is:An early plateau, reaching one’s potential. In many cases: the final process of a lucky road.Ever higher level of achievement and a greater sense of personal agency.


Hidden games of life

For so many cases the truth is the exact opposite of what it seems to be.

Many times our behavior is indirectly drove by each others and this because we are scared by what the others think about us, but the real problem for us it should be what we think about them.

Sometimes may happens that we focus our attentions to what appears to be “right” for ourself and we think those ideas are the best way we should follow. The truth is that path is just the easier or the easiest path, or what it doesn’t require to watch inside ourself but it is what we don’t have to follow.

No pain no gain, no gain no happiness.

Many peoples think about the failures as the worst aspect of their life and they normally think that successful persons have never failed. Well, even if failure is an absolutely bad side of our life it is also the necessary rock the success is built on.


Career and creative process

When you create something and you share it to the world, from that moment your creation is not yours anymore, but it belongs to everyone and this is not because they bought it but just because they love it and they make it a little small part of their life.

I am my first fan that’s why I am very hard to please!

Nobody can exactly know if there is the afterlife. For my opinion it exist just because we created it as many other things… this is the power of the human creativity.

Whenever I remember the exact moment I set out to follow my artistic way I feel what the persons use to call God.

I don’t know if I wanna be famous, for sure I just wanna give my contents to a lot of peoples.



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