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Flashback song: CG and storytelling like 90’s style dance video.

Flashback song is the second and also “ambitious” music video Khappa MJ has made. Built using a massive help of computer graphic, even if it has been a simplified technique, this video shows the style that KMJ feels like to give to some of his music. Khappa has planned the entire project organization for this time and also the investment in the making this video.

Read more about Khappa MJ first music video few oddities concerning his production.

Some of the biggest artists use to do the greatest part of their projects in the artistic creation process by themselves and/or in collaboration with other producers and technicians. However the main idea of a song is usually produced by themselves. This is the case of Michael Jackson for example, or David Bowie, or the Rolling Stones but also many other great artists like Prince or George Michael.

Business is killing music

In today’s music industry we have a kind of assembly line where the only purpose is to produce contents just following some certain rules that the peoples like. The only purpose in some cases is just to make money. For sure one of the most important thing in life is money. But another aspect that really matter is the way you make money. Be an artist means to be a business man but also means to be someone that has studied a lot and that has sacrified very much in the name of his own devotion for music and other artistic sides of the World.

Flashback song born from a pure passion and research for a new way to produce music. As in the case of many other projects Khappa MJ decided to follow his own way only.

Passion, passion and passion

I know music industry is matter and I know KMJ is not in the system yet. We should think about how many other artists would be able to start a new project with all the passion and the ability that a real artist can print on it… Khappa is absolutely one of them.

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