Free content vs paid content! What’s best? Nice question, well… I love to produce modern graphic material in opposition to the 3D material I used for video and film productions cause even if this material is not for technical purpose, it is awesome branded content. I’ve always dreamed to have some great digital content with a logo and name on it. Since the first images I’ve seen on the 16 bit computers (more about it in my full story) it’s part of my dream to produce more than only music.

Of course some graphic contents can be free contents. Music should always be some paid contents, but even in this case someone may not be agreed. Videos are not always for free. (Even if we watch them without pay, ads on Youtube remember us that Youtube doesn’t mean free!)

In today’s world, branded contents are everywhere, shared online very easily even using the social networking platforms, often for free. Well, that’s fine, buy giving something for free means that the shared content has no value sometimes. I mean, this is what I’ve learnt by my “coach” some years ago and I think it’s true.

Free means no valuable!

Because this is the fact! I wanna share many contents for free and you can be sure I will, but I know I should bear in mind that this means my work cost £0. Of course, there is free content and paid content.

I’ll be sharing free contents and I’ll be selling priceds content as well, giving the right value to the products that I would like to get as a fan and I’ve been dreaming to create as artist. For sure I’m so excited in uploading new contents to the major digital stores and here in Music,videos, graphic materials, and more for free and for sale.

So stay tuned for every new upcoming releases even subscribing to my newsletter or joining this social platform.

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