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Full autobiography. Latest update 12 dec 2017. Stay updated.

Hi everybody, my name is Khappa MJ and please let me introduce you to my life and my career. As you probably know i am an italian singer, producer, blogger, actor and digital artist. I am born to Milan, one of the most important european city. Then i moved to Verona when i was only 4 years old. When i was just 9 i started my first artistic studies at “Bruno Maderna” music school of Verona. Soon, discovering the new capabilities offered by the digital evolution, i’ve been touched by these new fascinating frontiers for both music and visual art.

The 16 bits era.

The new horizons offered by the computers era in the music making process and the improvements of the digital graphic technologies have built the pillars for my creative growth driving my destiny to the music, digital animation and filmmaking. As a singer, since i was a little guy, i came across tons of music genres. In the meantime old arcade games were for me a link to the emerging graphic tecniques. I have been extremely fascinated by the way to create music videos just using computer as a powerful tool of creativity and freedom. For sure many artists want to express themselves using different ways and please let me say that i feel to be one of them.

The “Atomics”: my first band.

After few experiences in minor bands its was the right time to found my first band called “Atomics”. The sound we produced was a combination of rock and some electronic influences. In the second half of the 90s this style was very common in many music genres. The band was formed by 4 elements: drummer, bass guitar player, guitar player and me. I just wanna mention also an electronic player which ran some computer generated tracks destinated for specific songs. “Danger: radiations”, “Mercenaries”, “Beneath a steel sky” (title inspired by a famous 90s game) and the first “Atomic city”. These were some of the songs we played that revealed my futuristic vision that has never changed in me.

Collaborations closed to big names.

In the 1998 when i was still a guy, one of the young band were i’ve played for has got an amazing opportunity to play at a gig opening for a Daniele Silvestri‘s concert. Later i just started other collaborations with DJs and singers in the creation of new songs in Italy and later in UK. I lived for few years at London and i based my own studio here: the K-Storm Studio. In the next time several new unexpected experiences for few theatres were coming. Just acting various roles and being a supporter in the short film of Matteo Mercanti “The girl in red” alongside the famous actor Fabio Testi. I’ve has also met a few other directors and great interpreters, such as Matteo Ierimonte, young director and winner of the award “director emerging” at Berlin Film Festival 2014, Annamaria Zaccaria and other amazing actresses in realization of my first film : Fire of Darkness.

Working for the Arena theatre of Verona i got in touch with some of the major directors in the World: Ugo Deana, Francesco Micheli and Franco Zeffirelli. To Royal Opera House of Muscut (capital of the Sultanate of Oman) in the Arab Emirates just working with the Arena team he launched the first opera season of the arab countries directed by the conductor Placido Domingo.

For the italian television i have worked close to a very popular italian anchorwoman, Antonella Clerici, at the house of Juliet. I’ve also acted few tv spots like Gardaland Park, but of course, my career has another flavour.

Some bad experiences.

Many times we think artists have no negative life sides, but the truth is differtent. In my case i unfortunately came across few bad experiences along my career and my life, a stolen song, two worthless producers, the death of my mother, my father’s disease but as always… there is no gain without pain. I dont wanna talk very much about the bad memories of my life, i just wanna thrust again in other persons and of course, keep working on my career and making my music and all other ideas.

The Fall, the Fire, the Passion.

After some bad experiences in my life and also in my career the fire and the passion that i still feel inside of me, are able to bring me up once again. In the 2013 i was working on my first film Fire of Darkness, i acted in some TV spots, i counted three singles out and one EP, i am also working on his first new album and in 2016 i released another new single called “Pure Energy“. Entering the world of computers in the making graphic and music since i was a kid, now Youtube and the Khappa web Platform became the core of my new communication way. Keep on using the social networks as Facebook and my Website community as the simpliest ways to get in touch with my people, are you in?


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