Happy birthday Internet!

29th April 2016

Happy Birthday Internet, 30th Internet Anniversary • Khappa MJ

The first message: Earth calling Earth

Happy birthday internet! 30 years ago from Pisa, a small town in center Italy, a crew of researcher sent their first internet message to their colleagues at Roaring Creek, Pennsylvania. In the 29 April 1986, exactly 3 days later the Chernobyl disaster a new horizon was opening for a new future. That was a revolution of the modern World. Today Internet represents for everybody the new way to communicate and get every kind of contents everywhere. Informations, videos, music, photos, news but also money and currencies in todays world are travelling on the electronic highways. So for one more time we can say: a little step for a man a big step for humanity.

World Wide Web

Internet as we know requires another technology. Based on designs by Welsh scientist Donald Davies, the Arpanet network began as a military project in the late 1960’s. It was developed at prestigious American universities and research laboratories, such as the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Stanford Research Institute. In the 1986 a researchers crew from Pisa sent a message to their collegues in US. But what could it happened if they were unconnected? The message would being lost. That’s why in 1992 at CERN Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau, two researchers from Ginevra, invents another protocol that can permanently saves every contents on a 24h opened harddrive. An everybody can get it anytime! The “basement” of the World Wide Web protocol was born.

Internet today: how we use it

Personally, some years ago I was a bit more enthusiast about internet than today. Internet is still a part of my lifestyle and it will be forever. But if I see how many peoples waste their time playing on social networks I understand that Internet development has not choose the better way. Of course I don’t wanna be critical, but I never imagined to see peoples to share pics about their pies, kittens, clothes, foods or their friday nights… only!
Of course this is just my irrelevant opinion but we can use this kind of amazing technology for other purposes. Internet is a human evolution and today we can really share our knowledge and keep them useful for each other and get it easily searchable.

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