I wanna be Nerd music video

I wanna be Nerd music video by Khappa MJ

I wanna be Nerd is the first music video releases by Khappa MJ. Funny, irreverent, insane, but also a message against bullying.

Why the idea about this song?

That is a question I have asked myself more often during the production of this song as. I was a little kid when i came across for fist time a incredible 8 bit home computer called C-64 and soon the next 16 bit Amiga computer with his competitor Atari ST 1040, the first music machine of the modern era and so I thought: “Can I just play with monitor sitting in front of it???”

And when I said “play” I meant to play with the screen itself, doing graphic, drawing squares and circles, lines and pixels, spheres and cubes just trying to create images. So, the TV and all the beautiful images and sounds were definetely revealead and nothing was impossible anymore.

Khappa MJ

Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja 16 bit games example
Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja
Shadow of the Beast 2 Amiga. 16 bit games example
Shadow of the Beast - Amiga

Since that moment I understood I would found the real way in my life to do what I felt to do, even if I was so kiddy yet.

Another important aspect of this song and the reason why Khappa got inspiration about is the incredible success achieved by all the old and young computer developers in the World. In fact, just taking a look at many software and hardware company owners, many of them became the new world wide billionaires, showing how the creativity and intellect always win against physical strength and charm.

Of course, I consider gymn and practice sports as a very important aspect of my life, but how do you feel when you just watch videos and listen music using your computer?

Ancient latin peoples used to say: “Mens sana in corpore sano” (Giovenale, satire X, 356). Which means a good mind can only living inside a healthy body. However “I wanna be Nerd” song and especially the music video wants to focus particular attention on how, in today’s world, we should take care to our proper preparation, try to be competitive and creative, also training our body and sometimes we forget that our mind is the most powerful, winner and profitable muscle we have.

A dream comes true: a music video!

Because the idea to create the first music video is a dream that Khappa had in mind since long time. As a musician and artist he loved to create amazing content. And now he has started the music video productions. For sure he is making the people to think about that.

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