Video gallery – Fire of Darkness

Fire of Darkness film Video Gallery.  In this page there is a collection of videos made during the entire production process of Fire of Darkness film. It is a video series about CGi VFX but also some funny and emotional moments took around the production time.A jump into the backstage of what we consider some …

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Pure Energy song: the new Single is coming out on 06 october 2016

Pure Energy song: electronic music again. After more than 2 years full of demanding projects, just think about Fire of Darkness and few other projects, i’m now ready again for music with a new more winning attitude. Pure Energy song is my new album single. The electronic sound is still present in my soul, but im actually …

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Pure Energy Pure Energy – Extended Mix Pure Energy – Instrumental (Basetrack) Pure Energy – Extended Instrumental (Basetrack) 5:09 5:55 5:09 5:53 AppleStore GooglePlay Amazon Flashback Flashback – TV Basetrack 4:13 4:13 AppleStore GooglePlay Amazon I wanna be Nerd I wanna be Nerd – Basetrack 4:33 4:33 AppleStore GooglePlay Amazon What’s love Golden wings Be …

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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use Please read this. Your use of the Site (as defined below) constitutes your agreement to this Terms of Use and Conditions agreement. By using this site, you signify your agreement with these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree with any of the below Terms and Conditions …

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Welcome to the official Khappa MJ website community

A bit lately about first post on my new website but I would like to say that you are are very welcome to my official website community. I am so glad to have you here as a reader or member (not a member yet? Click here to join us :)) and I hope you will …

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Photo Gallery – Spring 2016

Photo Gallery – Khappa MJ photo album spring 2016 Most of the images that you can see in the photo gallery below are shot in the spring 2016. This photo gallery contains 3 different styles and moods. Taken in collaboration with the photographers George Zanetti and Steven Campostrini. All “fashion” photos have been previously shot. …

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Britain decides to leave!

Britain decides to leave! Britain leaves Europe! I have learnt a big part of my knowledge at London, UK and also part of my artistic business is based in UK. I can’t believe what’s happened today when a bit more of the 51% of the british cityzens chosen to leave the economic european community. Despite many …

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Happy birthday Internet!

The first message: Earth calling Earth Happy birthday internet! 30 years ago from Pisa, a small town in center Italy, the first internet message has been sent to another researcher crew at Roaring Creek, Pennsylvania. In the 29 April 1986, exactly 3 days later the Chernobyl disaster a new horizon was opened for future. The revolution of the …

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Gardaland Park TV spot 2016

At Gardaland Park TV set Just acted a small role in the Gardaland TV spot 2016 for Gardaland Park. It’s been a good day and the british/italian staff was very nice with all of us, even if they looked a bit unsure about my “good daddy” dresses until they decided to change my shirt. I just acted …

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The full autobiographic story of the artistic life

Khappa MJ or KMJ is a performer, singer, producer, actor, filmmaker, digital artist and a tireless creative force with a ongoing and limitless power for the entire artistic and creative process. A very absorbing creative path before finding his own complex and full style. From old computer music softwares and classical instruments to the modern technologies, from …

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