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This sounds just like some rumors. Well, here at K-Storm-Studio it is just a running project! We are working on a new FPS action/adventure game based on a post-apocalyptic future. This project starts from an old idea we got in mind since several years ago and at the beginning “Nuclear Maiden – Dawn of Fire” has been developed like a film script or novel. But soon, working using UnrealEngine in according with 3DS Max in the making CGi for our project and also for Khappa MJ project, we thought about that as a game.

What is Nuclear Maiden

Nuclear Maiden (Dawn of Fire) so, is a post-apocalyptic FPS RPG action/adventure single/multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine. We want to introduce a new mechanic called “Life System” based on real body simulation. This means that the user playing experience will be more realistic and catchy. Forget to have superpowers like incredible speed, unlimited breath and the same power until you died. In Nuclear Maiden, the player is himself with his own capabilities having a deep and immersive gameplay experience.

We understand that this new aspect of the gameplay can also affect the gameplay self. That’s why we will work hard in maintaining the same mood and “playability” of many other games integrating a new realism in the game mechanics.

First few screenshots from K-Storm-Studio about the first still work in progress scenario called “Ghost Town”.

Despite numerous games of the same genre we are not afraid to introduce in the market another title in this category. The first new thing introduced by Nuclear Maiden – Dawn of Fire is a background story based on the environment pollution as a ignition of the entire post apocalyptic scenario. Even Khappa MJ started his career playing in a band called “Atomics” (you can read more in the full bio) and one of their song was titled “Nuclear Maiden” and this is one of the reasons of this title 🙂 . So we have a certain vision about this game and we are sure that even many players out there will be more than happy to play it.

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