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After few months I was unfortunately unable to write in my website and this just because I’ve been insanily busy.
But now I can finally keep working for my blog. My blog yes and actually looks more like a webzine or magazine and I feel so energized cause that was another small part of the dream, this webplatform. So my blog turns to a magazine. What to say, just WOW!

As a passionated music lover, I mean music and artists follower (yes I am not just a music maker) and generally passionate about all around Geek culture, I have been always fascinated by those thematic magazines and webzines around music world but also games, computers and of course… movies. So when I started in the making this website I thought about a blog first. But soon I’ve got the idea of a “zine” in my head.

Well, I know you may now say: MJ are you sure you will be able to create as much contents as it needs to fill a webzine? No, of course, that’s why I will not hopefully the only publisher (or maybe for now yes). As you can see someone else has already gave his contributor to this platform. However for sure I will try to keep this webzine always full of new fresh contents because doing this I can keep feeling myself like that passionated Geek lover of some years ago, when everything was amazing and I just wanna keep it amazing. And this website with this webzine is another way to do that.

If you like it too, if you have the same passion feel you free to join this web-community and become a new reader and why not … a new writer.

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