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Let us entertain you in the year 2021 full of our but even your hopes and very many new dreams! Yes because despite we’ve tried to do our best to stay positive and always up, the World was and it is struggling to survive and fight against the pandemic that has killed our dreams as a humanity, as persons, as artists, as entrepreneurs.

Please just let me tell you that despite I’ve personally started this 2020 in a good way, right now, of course, a big black hole jump in my head when we are thinking back at this absurd 2020, looking to the upcoming 2021 as the year where we can finally have our lives back.

In one of my previous post at the beginning of this situation I’ve been talking the pandemic and reading that post I can feel my bad mood once again. Well, I just wanna think about my studio and all the projects we are developing.

As you probably know the young K-Storm-Studio makes games and I personally follow every projects of it. And my role as a musician is also to make great music for our products. This is what I’m mainly passionate about. For few months we have to still stay home I know. But I don’t wanna lose my passion. I wanna work hard once again by myself an with my team at distance in producing our new dreams, so let us entertain you with them.

And now please let me close this short post just wishing you to have a wonderful 2021!

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