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March is came back again and like every march even the time to renew my domain for this website platform and this time is the number 14 which means we celebrate the 13th anniversary. Yes this website is online since 2007, since 13 years ago! I want to express you my enthusiasm because that’s sounds amazing for me. Despite few experimenations and changements at the beginning, Khappa.com it’s been, it is and it will be a robust magazine, a powerful built-in social community and an upcoming webstore (currently still under development). And even more as you probably know already.

13th anniversary: time to move to a new server

The amount of contents, the traffic data, the number of visitors and readers and please let me say thank you so much to all of you, the new contents and a new professional way to publish them finally force me to move this website platform to a new powerful server.

I can remember the period when I was opening khappa.com between the winter and the spring of 2007. Wow, it’s been amazing! I was opening my own website and I was buying my own domain name. Not just a simple third domain space or a page on Myspace (later on Facebook) because yes, it is important to have all social media pages out there but I have nothing, nothing, nothing if I dont have you 🙂 … my website!

A brief Timeline of Khappa.com

Well, just let me going back in time for a while and talking about the evolution of khappa.com. At the beginning it was just a simple and pretty decent website based on HTML language and Javascript only. It was in 2007 you know? Home page, pictures, music and that’s it.That was khappa.com in 2007.

In 2011 I’ve started adding a blog. It’s so cool to remember the embryonic version of my blog! I’ve just moved the entire core of my website to another technology made in Mysql and PHP. Another most cool part of the website allowed some people to create their own account on it. I’ve got the idea of the community.

In 2013 I’ve been looking for another CMS source to base my website to. The source code which khappa.com has been developed with, it was not enough anymore.

In 2015 the amount of contents was growing. More pictures, galleries, videos, contents, pages. Khappa.com needed to have more functionalities that were impossible to manage by myself and in collaboration with some developers. So basically I’ve been forced to move the entire platform to another technology. I was looking for something very fast, flexible and simple but in the meantime powerful and efficient. I’ve been tried several script and yes, finally I’ve thought that WordPress would been the perfect solution for running khappa.com.

In 2017 I’ve changed the look and the theme of the entire platform. After few months I’ve also replaced the community plugin. Not only my website, not only for my music but a magazine for every music passionate, film ad cg passionate. A place for freedom, a place for entertainment, a place to share news and contents.

2018 and 2019 have been 2 years where I basically added new contents and a tons of smaller improvements to the engine of khappa.com. Now khappa.com is a robust system, the traffic is growing and I am planning something more for khappa.com.

2020. And well… here we are! Celebrating the 13th anniversary, I mean think about how many old website are now closed. But of course this website never closing. It is part of life of Khappa MJ you know? And I moved it to a new server to satisfy the amount of request from readers, because the unique word is now speed!

News, news, news!

Before ending this article please let me anticipate some upcoming news that we will read in the website’s magazine. K-Storm-Studio is opening his space here in this website! So every news, products, updates, interviews, releases and contents from K-Storm-Studio (oh…it’is my company) will be now published inside K-Magazine. Furthermore, some new additional pages will be also added to this website and soon even new widgets in the homepage where we will be publish… na, na, na… we will talking about next time!

Stay in touch ok? 🙂 Dont lose any upcoming news and release. Subscribe to my newsletter (form is in the footer below). Love you!!

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