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K-Webzine, When a blog turns to a magazine

After few months I was unfortunately unable to write in my website and this just because I've been insanily busy. But now I...

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The new pop music video Sexualizing (Asking to the night) is now out

Sexualizing (Asking to the night), the new pop music video.After a long period of work where I have drafted many other songs, I have...

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Why fake people make me sick

Why fake people make me sick Fake people make me sick, yes. I am absolutely disgusted of part of the fake society where we live in....

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3D Pictures Timeline

3D pictures timeline is a jump back in time from the latest 3D animation, items and scenes I have produced for my projects to...

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The Social Media Platform help book for WallStars

WallStars: the Social Media Platform for popular peopleAs you can see www.khappa.com website is not just a showcase for all new projects or products and...

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