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The new pop music video Sexualizing (Asking to the night) is now out

Sexualizing (Asking to the night), the new pop music video.After a long period of work where I have drafted many other songs, I have...

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Why fake people make me sick

Why fake people make me sick Fake people make me sick, yes. I am absolutely disgusted of part of the fake society where we live in....

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3D Pictures Timeline

3D pictures timeline is a jump back in time from the latest 3D animation, items and scenes I have produced for my projects to...

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The Social Media Platform help book for WallStars

WallStars: the Social Media Platform for popular peopleAs you can see website is not just a showcase for all new projects or products and...

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How smoking can kill your life

The entire scientific community is agree about how many serious damages have caused by smoking to our body, but more often smokers used to underestimate the effective...

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