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    Sexualizing: the new music video by Khappa MJ is out for september 2018

    The new music video "Sexualizing" is coming out for September 2018.The new music video titled "Sexualizing" is partially shot already and the new upcoming...

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    Behind the Scenes of Sexualizing: the new music video production by Khappa MJ

    Behind the scenes of Sexualizing: the new music video production by Khappa MJ An amazing, funny and short video produced by Khappa MJ that shows...

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    Rehearsal room and live music – Get ready

    Rehearsal room and training music session A photo gallery of the first day in the rehearsal room while Khappa MJ is preparing the upcoming tour...

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    Electronic music with a taste of rock: new single releases soon

    The new single will be releasing soon. This year is flying away and Khappa MJ has to pin up the list of things to...

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    The shameful prices of the Concert Tickets

    How much have you payed for last concert tickets? Have you ever spent 225 pounds for concert tickets? Or 390 pounds or sometimes thousand dollars? No?...

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