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3rd October 2016

Music Video gallery
Gallery of Music videos made by Khappa MJ • Khappa MJ

Khappa MJ - Official music videos

Khappa MJ - Flashback (Official music video)

Khappa MJ - Sexualizing (Asking to the night)

Khappa MJ - Pure Energy (Official music video)

Khappa MJ - I wanna be Nerd (8 bit v 0.999)

Dancing in the Moonlight (video interview)

Extras, behind the scenes, backstage, vlog

Behind the scenes of Sexualizing music video

Natural singing - Recording studio session (Funny!)

Rehearsal room and Live Stage - I wanna be Nerd

I stand with Manchester. (Personal hard message)

Featured Films, CGi and VFX videos, behind the scenes

CGI VFX Breakdown (Fire of Darkness Film)

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