I am Khappa MJ and this is the K-Storm-Studio

because i love to create my dreams

I've founded the K-Storm-Studio to make my projects come true. Here we are producing our games, our videos, the games related music albums, the new online magazine.
This is all my passion, my dream... my Life!

We are K-Storm-Studio

We don't care about how does the world goes, we only believe in our freedom, in our creativity and our madness, in everything that can make our life better. We do all we do for pure passion and we only want to do this until our eyes will be closed forever and we will be atoms in the universe... once again!

Our Upcoming Projects

Plastigence procedural game first screenshots (05 April 2021) by K-Storm-Studio
Procedural Action/Puzzle 3D


Plastigence is an action/puzzle 3D game single and multiplayer where the Worlds are procedurally generated and it can entirely destroy it. The game decides what type of environment you have to play in, creating the entire world, graphic and objectives.

Nuclear Maiden - Dawn of Fire by K-Storm-Studio - Gameplay Pre-Alpha 0.5.00
Post-apocalyptic FPS action open world

Nuclear Maiden (Dawn of Fire)

Nuclear Maiden is a massive post-apocalyptic open-world FPS where astonishing lands and stunning visual effects will bring the player into a new surreal and wonderful experience.

I’m Khappa MJ

I'm the CEO and founder of the K-Storm-Studio. Since I was a little kid I'm passionate about video-games and the entire creative process in general. K-Storm-Studio is more than a dream, it is the consequence of my dreams born from my imagination since my life beguns. Behind the K-Storm-Studio (and even behind my games and my music) there is all my passion and my vision about the world of entertainment. Do you wanna enter this world too with me?

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Engaged with Unreal Engine

Khappa MJ

Digital Artist and Director Portfolio


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