Pure Energy music video

No more short clips but real music videos

Pure Energy music video appears to be completely different from every other video I have previously made. For first time in fact i just wanted to simplify the story just leaving out every minor players and extras from the scenes.

I have published Pure Energy music video here in my official website platform after few weeks from his official release. This because actually khappa.com website looks like the website i wished to have since ever. And i am so glad to release all my works here now.

Blue Sound Meter

I consider Pure Energy song as a combination of EDM (electronic dance music) and pop music.

Where the idea comes from

I just experimented a way to mix a classic pop song with some modern sound styles. This tecnique may gives a 2000s or 90s dance style sometimes. I love to create songs that can be sung and the idea to transform a pop song into electronic dance music produces a very good sound for me.

Video production and locations

This music video has been shot in five different locations. The first outdoor scenario is the centre of Milan city, the others two external shots have been taken to the eastbound of the city of Verona and the two remaining indoor locations are the elegant Aquila Nera coffe and bistrot of Verona. The final location is the green screen room at K-Storm Studio.

Of course green screen means to reproduce an artificial background made as always in 3D computer graphic. In case of Pure Energy music video the last background is based on many cyberpunk style panels floating into space as you can see.

Watch Pure Energy music video.

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