Pure Energy song: electronic music again.

After more than 2 years full of demanding projects, just think about Fire of Darkness and few other projects, I’m now ready again for music with a new more winning attitude. Pure Energy song is my new solo album. The electronic sound is still present in my soul, but im actually wants to be less experimental and more attractive.

The new ways of communication (WallStars and my K-Blog) will be for me a new opportunity to be more productive and this is what I basically dreams since ever. My body is ‘Pure Energy’ made. This is also the name of my new single, a preview of many other future works.

Of course I cant think about a single. album or a song without his music video. So even Pure Energy music videos is coming out very soon. Stay tuned here in my website and dont forget to join this awesome community.

Thank you so much, and of course, as always all the best.

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