Rehearsal room and training music session

A photo gallery of the first day in the rehearsal room while Khappa MJ is preparing the upcoming tour (announced for the end of the production the new EP) in collaboration with DJ Eddy Wacky. It’s been a long but good day as KMJ said and he just started in the making the new playlist and new settings for Traktor machine.

KMJ (Khappa) and Eddy have played and sung some of his previous songs, but of course new covers and songs are coming. As mentioned in the previous post of K-Blog, the new album sounds mellow and rich of many new grades, some of them may sound a bit “rocky”. The new polysynths he choose offers a diferent music approach that he has always loved.

... and also a simple video!

A simple and short video of the first day of our rehearsal live training. This is just a simple session where Khappa MJ was checking and setting the required sound in collaboration with DJ Eddy Wacky. Let us know if you like and what do you think about it just with a comment below here and on Khappa’s Youtube channel.

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