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Years ago when I was teen I used to go to a rehearsal room close to my hometown with my first band. I can remember that. It was a very small room in a very bad town. But I bet that all members of my band were fascinated by that place! And of course I’ve been in love for that fucking shitty space as well. Because it was a rehearsal room where we could play… that’s it.!

I’m now looking for a rehearsal room at Canning Town because I need to keep training my voice and my performances. I found a couple of rooms at Bow Road and let me know that it seems to go back in time when I was playing with my first band! Down the road of the London Underground, small rooms (but with all the required), a black and white picture of the Sex Pistols punk band and some of that special mood you can find in those places.

It’s absolutely cool and it reminds me back when I just started in playing music. But now of course there is another type of music and also another Khappa MJ. Now there is only Khappa MJ with more artistic experiences and more resources but the same passion of ever.

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