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Sexualizing (Asking to the night), the new pop music video.

After a long period of work where I have drafted many other songs, I have finally released this new music video “Sexualizing (asking to the night)” as mentioned in the previous post here in my blog. I’m feeling very motivated for many reasons. One of them it is because my new solo album belongs to the pop music genre. The last summer has been absolutely peculiar. By a side I planned this new music video and in the meantime I was working and preparing my migration back to London. Doing this I came across places and memories, places where I’ve started to play and please guys let me say you wow! It’s been very nice to remember the music I made several years ago.

Now I have another mood, more knowledge and experience and I wanna print all of this in my new music. You know you have to keep following me as you do but first, let me introduce you Sexualizing, my latest pop music video. This music video was already announced few months ago in this article because Sexualizing sounds a bit as a pop/rock song. For sure I like this style, and you?

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