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The new music video “Sexualizing” is coming out for September 2018.

The new music video titled “Sexualizing” is partially shot already and the new upcoming album only needs to be mastered! Which means that the new video is coming out very soon on september 2018. As in the last video “Pure Energy” Khappa MJ has decided to use less peoples for his new video. Here we have a modern style dancer, Yennifer Romero and the beautiful model and photographer Elena Antermite for all shootings at Milan by Karen Saggese. KMJ announced that the second shooting day will be taken at K-Storm-Studio, probably using an advanced chroma key technique already built by KMJ.

Watch a behind the scenes trailer about Sexualizing.

The new music video seems to be a very good work of Khappa MJ. One of the most important aspect of this new work and all upcoming works is the new rebuilt production and recording studio. The new song “Sexualizing” and the upcoming new album will sound more powerful and catchy.

Beneath an “Iron Sky”.

Created between the city of  Milan and Verona the new music video from Khappa MJ have been very hard to produce. Planning a video is always a very hard work. Milan is still a real hot city during the summer cause his terrible location. Khappa MJ was black and heavy dresses with gloves, long trousers and heavy jacket and that has been also the case of the previous music video Pure Energy. The entire staff have worked beneath an “Iron Sky” as he said. This because the grey/white typical color of the Milan sky.

Last time in Italy?

This new upcoming album by KMJ with the new video will be probably the last work that Khappa MJ will be doing in Italy. Of course most depends on how many new channels he will found in UK and then in US. But the main purpose of Khappa for his career is going back to UK forever. It is not possible to be a good producer in Italy right now. Unfortunately the “beautyful country” doesn’t seems to be the best place for artists in the modern world and Khappa MJ has left Italy often already. Furthermore he loves to meet more talented artists, with a greater attitude for music and musicians too.

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