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The falls of Rock music: from fire to ash! And the miserable rise of the Hip-hop

In a recent video on Youtube, I’ve been watching the trend of the last 10 years of the major music charts based on the most famous blog/magazine and of course digital store like iTunes, Youtube and Spotify. This trend reveals that there are no more new rock music bands on charts. Only in 2016 we have seen some rock album again by David Bowie. Why? As you know, because unfortunately he passed away. On the other side we’ve seen the unbelievable rise of the hip-hop music.

Despite I love pop music more than any other music genre, despite I also like dance music if we are talking about 90s dance and 70s disco music, despite I like even experimental music I loved and I’m still loving rock even if I’m not a real “fanatic” of the rock music. But of courseI understand every fans of this music genre.

And what basically disappoints me is the unbelievable rise of the hip-hop music. I’m sorry, don’t be upset, I like part of it and I respect your taste if you like hip-hop but please let me express my opinion as well.

Make music only if you want to give something to the others!

Please bear in mind first. I do not consider myself the best artist. But please where is the passion in the hip-hop music? Where is the fire in veins that move people to become musicians? There is not fire, there is just the way to make money, don’t struggle working hard 50 hours a week and no more than this. Ok I can understand but please… music is a religion for me and as a religion is one of the thing that I love more than everything else so please… make music only if you have a soul and you want to give something to the others!

I can’t believe to have tons of fucking commercial hip-hop “song” products (because that is what they are and no more than this) and no more new rock bands or rock solo artist and music album. Please I’m speaking out of the stage because rock music is not my genre but comparing rock to hip-hop… ok. I understand that the music and the trend may change but come on… Guys, study music and start in the making new rock band instead that following this horrible trend!

Because this is what it is. Just a commercial trend. And if you would learn a bit more about music and you would start in listening other genre like rock or pop you avoid to listen to hip-hop forever. Thrust me. Oh, about pop music. I know that sometimes in today’s music scenario hip-pop and pop music may tend to mix together but this is because of the incredible work that the music industry is doing about the hip-hop. And the music industry care about money.

From fire to ash

Rock music was the fire and now is basically ash of his own fire. But the people out there still love rock music. Oh come one… Have you ever tried Guitar Hero? So what I basically think about the charts is just because of a temporary situation.

Ok feel you free to type any kind of comment bellow but I’m sorry. Hip-hop is not music for me! There is no feeling, there is no melody and harmony, there is nothing. Hope to find someone who can show me more about hip-hop and make me change my mind, otherwise please let me tell you that I will fight for a better trend.

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