The new music video Pure Energy is coming out

It’s always a pleasure for me to write these kind of news especially if I do that on my own website. My new music video Pure Energy is coming out in november 25.

I am actually working on the latest post production session of my new music video Pure Energy. It’s based on the latest single i have published on october 6 and distribuited by the label Believe Digital.

We shot Pure Energy music video in five different locations. The first outdoor scenario is the centre of Milan city, the others two external shots has been taken to the eastbound of the city of Verona and the two remaining indoor locations have been taken into the elegant Aquila Nera coffe and bistrot of Verona. There is also an additional interior location created in CGI animation using the green screen technique at the K-Storm studio. Of course green screen means to reproduce an artificial background made as always in 3D computer graphic. In case of Pure Energy music video this last background is based on some cyberpunk style panels floating into space.

Pure Energy appears to be completely different by every other video i have previously made. For first time i wanted to simplify the story just leaving out every minor players from the scenes and giving a specific mood that you can find on every other music video.

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