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How much have you payed for last concert tickets?

Have you ever spent 225 pounds for concert tickets? Or 390 pounds or sometimes thousand dollars? No? It seems to be too much, right? I understand that a concert and an artist tour requires very much money, I understand all artists love money and we want to sleep in a very luxury bedroom before playing a big show within 10 sexy naked girls in the same bed (my personal vision of the backstage but it will never happens), I understand every artists do all the best in every performances, but for my point of view in today’s music industry there’s no more respect for peoples and fans!

I think that one of the reasons why this happens is because there are too many hands in the same pie, a lot of peoples work in the music industry because is a very profitable business and not because they really love music.

Artists are not artists anymore!

There are many publications on papers and blogs that claim that also artists are often responsable about the raise up of the shameful prices of the concert tickets and event tickets, according with their promoters, tour managers and agents. Artists! Which means someone who should had started their career for pure passion about music, producing, singing and or playing instruments.

I started my career saying to my friends i’d love to become very rich with my work and still today i say “why not”? But the truth is that i could work also for free. And i did it. Of course i think i will never make and play music for free but i could do it.

A big show?

I think a biggest artist should think to make his big show for peoples and fans. I know that a superstar concert is a big show and it cost very much money, but how many scalpers there are in the business? And how many times big artists seems to be some of them? Is it that kind of music business a big show yet?

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