Wallstars Helpbook November 2017

The social community help book for WallStars

As you can see www.khappa.com website is not just a showcase for all new projects or products and activities i want to publish up. This is also a social community where you can easily interact with all other members like every other social network community, achieving goals and badges, commenting Khappa’s blog (i hope in a positive way), reading contents, watching videos, posting and sharing your own contents, earning tokens and increasing your popularity getting visibility by your friends and followers. You can also increase your eank as you want via the WallStars public activity page based on your privacy settings. You can find more explanation in the help book below.

Please visit this page again in future for ugrades about WallStars and Khappa MJ social community.



The username represents the name you use in WallStars and khappa.com and you can’t change it later. This is the unique link to your profile (example: https://www.khappa.com/members/jhondoe).


Personal Name

Your personal name displayed publicly and it can contains your first and last name. It is strongly recommended to set this field as an extension of your username. For example, if your username is “jhondoe” you can use “Jhon Doe” as personal (profile) name. Please note that if you change your personal name later, your username still remain the same username because you can’t change it later. If you wanna change your personal name you have to send a support ticket.


Profile photo

It should be a photo of you, better if you upload your face photo. In this case your friends can easily recognize you. Look right at the top of the website sitebar and check your profile widget. Below your avatar click on Edit ProfileChange Profile Photo. You can upload a photo from your computer, tablet or smartphone, delete and manage the old one, or you can take a photo from the webcam if found it by the system.


Cover photo

This is the picture of your profile. Please be in mind that this pictures should not contains any text or links to other Websites, Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, Instagram profiles or any kind of links. WallStars also provide this capabilities in your profile.


The Social Wall (WallStars)

Here you can share your posts, pictures, albums set in your profile, web links, photos, Vimeo and Youtube videos, music with your friends and followers. There are many filtered wall activities. Whenever you create a new post you have the ability to set your post visible by Anyone, Logged in Users, My Friends, Mentioned Only, Admins Only or Only You.

  • Your own wall activities (Personal)
  • Peoples you mentioned (Mentions)
  • Activities you want to follow and signed as favourite (Favourites)
  • Your friends activities (Friends)
  • The entire public wall activities. Visible by everyone with an high rank popularity (WallStars)


Your Albums

You can easily create and manage your media albums. At the moment for security reasons you can publish pictures, photos and some kind of documents. In the close future users will be able to upload and share music and videos. However consider that you can also share videos, medias and links from other platforms like Vimeo And Youtube. All your albums and media can be published to your wall activities. You can even upload and publish you media files and pictures directly via your wall.



Tokens represent one of the coolest aspect of WallStars community. You can earn tokens daily while you are into the WallStars just commenting, posting, watching athor videos and reading contents, interacting or simply reading posts and pages. Members cannot view others tokens balance.

  • 250 bonus tokens at registration.
  • 2 tokens for daily login.
  • 3 tokens for viewing Author contents once a week for each content.
  • 5 tokens for reading Author posts once a week.
  • 2 tokens for commenting Author posts and articles.
  • -50 tokens if your comment has been marked as Spam.
  • -8 tokens if your comment has been not approved.
  • 4 tokens for watching a video entirely. Tokens will be not credited if you stop watching video.
  • 15 tokens for reviewing a stored product available in the market.
  • 1 token for your daily activity in your profile or wall.
  • 10 tokens for completing your profile with an Avatar photo.
  • 50 tokens for completing your profile with a cover.
  • -5 tokens if a friendship ending.
  • 1 token for commenting your friends post.
  • -1 token if you got your comment deleted.
  • 4 tokens for creating a media album.
  • 1 token for setting album cover.
  • 1 token for creating a playlist.
  • 2 tokens after media rate.
  • 1 token for sending gift.
  • 1 token for media report.



Badges are another cool aspect of your WallStars account. A badge is a kind of trophy you can receive using WallStars.



Your can be connected with your friends or meet new friends simply sending a friendship request. Once they accept your request you will be connected with them and you can view what they shared if their profile are not public. Otherwise if your profile is public everyone can see you posts even in the WallStsrs public wall.


WallStars is extremely flexible. You can make your profile public, partically public or private. Even all informations stored in your profile can be hidden or shared to you, your friends, all registered members or everyone (which means website visitors) at your choice.  You can also make your post public or visible only by your, your friends, all members or every visitors. So look right at the top of the website sitebar at your profile widget and below your avatar click My ProfileSettingsProfile Visibility.


Account deletion

Deleting your account means to get all your informations, details, personal informations and all your uploads permanently removed from our servers.


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