To be so bad to be true but Coronavirus is a real pandemic

21st March 2020

Coronavirus Desert Cities and Metal Death
To be so bad to be true but Coronavirus is a real pandemic • Khappa MJ

It seems to be a sci-fi best seller novel or a videogame or a great blockbuster movie right? But in this case we are currently living this situation as real. It seems to be so bad to be true but CoronaVirus is a real pandemic. And yes, our society seems to be crushed down and at the moment there is nothing that we can do to have back our lifestyles.

But you know what? Despite the possibility to be infected there is also another thing that it makes me feel sad. And it is the break down of many of our activities. We can’t do nothing to try to improve this situation. We can only wait and hope in a possible vaccine ASAP.

I know this post is not about khappa.com magazine. This is just for my personal “blog” but as you can see this magazine contains my blog and in my blog, as you probably know already, I wanna freely express my opinions with no restrictions. So this surreal situation it seems to be so bad to be true and I hope that everybody realize what happens. Becasue at the moment I’m not sure that all we have a clear vision about this situation.

For sure all we have time now to take a deep breath and think about the upcoming future. And when as say “we” I mean our society!

CoronaVirus is temporarily breaking down our World! And unfortunately is killing people… So now please let me wish you all the best for the next few months. What I wanna do is just carry on with my projects and in the making new products. We are strong and we will overcome this moment!

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