Valentines Day… One day for love

14th February 2020

Hearts valentines day 2020
Valentines Day... One day for love • Khappa MJ

Today is 14 February, knows all around the World as a Valentines Day, one day for love, one day dedicated to lovers. For all of them and I hope for everybody is a very special day. My today’s post of course, is about this Valentines Day 2020.

I don’t wanna spend rivers of words about love because even an ocean wouldn’t be enough and all we know that. But what I’ m saying in this post is about the entire universe of love and not only for people in love, not only for who has been involved in a relationships.

For everyone who loves a person but even for who dedicates his life to something he loves. For every World lovers. For every entrepreneurs. For everybody who spent their time in learning something they are interested about. For who involved himself in what he cares about. For every artists, creative minds, hardworkers. For all the people that want to give a meaning to their life beyond what the others have fixed and of course… For all of you that you are now thinking to your loved partner and I know you can’t live without,

my personal, special and I know insignificant: have you a warm Valentines Day!

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