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K-Storm-Studio is born!

Officially registered on December 03 2019 and born on November 14 2019 (Khappa MJ birthday) the K-Storm-Studio LTD is now live! Despite the COVID-19 and the lock down Khappa continues to work on his projects and now even for this company. And proudly we are announcing new unique stuff here on K-Magazine.

K-Storm-Studio or KSS is a software house where we are currently producing games that we call: dreams! Yes we do this. As a digital artist, Entrepreneur and musician Khappa MJ started this company for many productions and the main branch of this company is currently focused on games development.

k-storm-studio logo Of course Khappa MJ is still producing music and videos but as a native digital artist he spent the last several years in trying to mix all his ideas in one business and KSS (K-Storm-Studio LTD) is the software house company that take this huge challenge!

We are making this platform ready for the future

This company has also given his twin brand to this website and Khappa said “we currently want to make khappa.com a great magazine and blog around my productions and of course even around all the products made at K-Storm-Studio”. We moved this website to a more powerful server giving more stability, secure and speed to the platform. And now, in collaboration with Khappa MJ we are working again in the making this platform modern and ready for the future… ready for the current and the new upcoming readers.

Thanks to all of you!

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