Welcome to the official Khappa MJ website community

Welcome to the official Khappa MJ website community - K-Blog

A bit lately about first post on my new website but I would like to say that you are very welcome to my official website community. Webdream! Cause ths is a dream comes true and I am so glad to have you here as a reader or member (not a member yet? Click here to join us :)) and I hope you will enjoy any hour you spend here in my website community.

Why this website?

Everything flows away but this is not the case of khappa.com. This is my website which follows my career therefore it will be here until my last day in life! It’s mine, it is the place of “Khappa MJ”, the place where I can be myself, where I can post everything I want to post. I know there are the major social networks and you can also find me there. I know there will be also someone else  who will publish contents here. But here I can freely share all my life, my passions, my contents by myself… with no restrictions!

How matter is this website community

This post can expresses how is important for me this website. Internet became the place where everyone go and a website can be something more than just a single page where an artist can just say: “hey I’m here…”. A website can be a reflection of his founder, the way he can express himself and come across many other persons who they feel to read and share the same opinions, point of views and passions and I hope this website can be all of that.

The story of khappa.com website platform.

I’ve got this concept clear in my mind only few years ago. In fact I published the first release of khappa.com in february 2006. At the beginning khappa.com was just a nice and simple HTML/Javascript group of webpages where visitors can take a look at some pictures, photos and listen to some of my unpublished song (I was not under a distributor yet).

For several years khappa.com has been just a small amount of bits floating into the internet ocean until 2014 when I decided to open a blog. Yes, but my first blog looked like a “old style internet website yet” and I personally realized I needed a more sophisticated technology.

And now we are here in the new blog, the present and part of the future of my website community. But my idea is to implement new important features creating a robust community and a good looking and useful platform for me and all of you. Thank you so much to be here and let me say that you are very welcome to join my community.

Some of the most important sections

Blog/News. Of course all news about me but please, not only that because in my blog we can talk about artistic contents and more complex themes.

Music. My music productions, singles and albums.

Videos. Directly from my Youtube channel all music videos, film productions.

Galleries. Photos but also graphic pictures, work previews, backstage.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the official Khappa MJ website community”

  1. The community is now working!
    All you are very welcome to join us and enjoy our new community with a lot of modern and awesome features.
    It is a immense pleasure to me to have this new layout of my web platform.

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