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Why fake people make me sick

Fake people make me sick, yes. I am absolutely disgusted of part of the fake society where we live in. The world is overpopulated by fake people where the only purpose seems to be to follow the way we show ourselves as the same society advices. These advices become orders and commands and we are forced to follow them if we want to be part of this world. Be accepted for the mask whereby we covering our faces is really what makes us feel good.

The liar paradox

False and liar is who follows his extraordinary career, who is loving his luxury cars to rush between the cathedrals of powerful empires, the dream buildings and the worldly nights. Business of trading and financial and the profit mindset are now the new horizon of the human being. Fakes! That’s why fake people make me sick.

Everyone who has decided to follow this way uses to feel greater and better, better than who is listening, better than who they look, better than who is asking, better than everyone is living their lives and the paradox is that they are slaves with no awareness.

We build our own prisons

The real truth is that the humankind has been able to build his own prisons since the origin. As a humanity we build our own prisons in many ways. Someone builds prisons for the others and when we are finally free many of us start in the making fences and walls for their own fears. Fear makes slaves once again and anyone is living following the roles of a fake and lying society is chaining himself into the loneliness. They believe in the way they follow as the best way for achieving goals… goals? What kind of goals? Are you sure is it really what you want?

We are our own enemies

We are always interconnected and this can be a positive thing. Our society tends to be “social” more than every other societies we created in our past. But many of us try to overcome the others and those kind of behaviours bring to the hate and the hate brings to the divisions and divergences that easily turn people into enemies. We are our own enemies now, enemies into a overconnected world and this seems to be another paradox  of the modern world.

Why this happens?

But why this happens? Because we don’t use to spend few minutes every day just looking at all what we have around us. We have lost the ability to turn our attention on the natural environment, the music, the living creatures and the people around us. We think to be happy just getting some new expensive “toys” or filling our time with unsignificant activities because we need to do that. But i would like to talk about that to you soon with another article here in my blog, and please feel you free to comment this post below here.


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