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Are we living in a worse or better World? For years I’ve been thinking about the “travel” of the World through the last years was moving all of us to a better destination. In the last few months I’ve just put in doubt this opinion.

Please believe me. I’m not that kind of person who tends to be negative about the future, the opposite! I’ve always had a positive attitude about the future since ever. But I have to recognise that the last news in the last few years are not so good.

The raise of the new antisemitism, the environment pollution, the climate exchange, the islamic terrorism, the crysis, come on! All the positive attitude and the excitement for the future seems to be lost now and those factors make me think if we are living in a worse or better World.

And also. Having a look both in Europe and US there are so many people today who tends to raise walls. 30 years ago, after starting the “Erasmus” project many students moved from a country to another one. They entered in touch with many other students like them from different countries, with different cultures, vision and dreams. Can you imagine this?

I hope we will try to defeat the shadows of an uncertain future. I wanna live in a World full of great premises of freedom and serenity. Not in a cage!

Please we can do that all togetherplease help me to do that!

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